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Owner & Physical Therapist, Lisa Ochman, PT, DPT, CLT.

Welcome to The Training Station PT, Inc., your locally owned and operated Physical Therapy Clinic. Our Clinic specializes in the treatment of lymphedema and oncology rehabilitation using the innovative and effective Redcord overhead suspension system. We believe that every person who comes to our clinic deserves the best care possible and we strive to provide that care in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Our team of highly trained and experienced therapists are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life.

About the Owner

The Training Station, PT, Inc. is owned by Lisa Ochman, PT, DPT, CLT. After graduating from Villanova University in 2005, Lisa began her professional career as a Mechanical Engineer working for a large firm outside of Philadelphia, PA. After five years of working in the world of Engineering, Lisa opted for a change in careers and began her pathway towards a different type of mechanics, the mechanics of movement. Lisa graduated from Temple University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy the day after giving birth to her and her partner's first child in 2015. Since then, every aspect of Lisa's personal life and career has been an amazing adventure.

Lisa and her husband Alex have moved about the country for the benefit of their career changes. Immediately after graduation, Lisa became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and was fortunate enough to gain experience from the experienced lymphedema therapists at Doylestown Hospital in PA. Lisa has worked in outpatient and acute care Physical Therapy Departments, started three Lymphedema Clinics (2 in OR and 1 in NJ) and had the pleasure of Training in the use of the Redcord suspension neuromuscular re-education system with Tyler Joyce, PT, Certified Neurac Practitioner and Redcord Active Specialist. Through the Activcore Team, Lisa experienced the realization that true rehabilitation happens at the intersection of fun, neuromuscular re-education, Complete Decongestive Therapy (evidence-based lymphedema treatment), Oncology Rehabilitation and excellent communication with each patient's health care team. Lisa is pleased to partner with Kinh O'Brien for all of your post rehabilitation movement-based needs and goals! Please see about the incredible Kinh O'Brien below!


Doctorate of Physical Therapy Temple University 2015

Certified Lymphedema Therapist (Norton School) 2015-Present

LSVT Big Certification and Provider 2018-2022

Neurac I Trained 2020-Present

Head and Neck Lymphedema Management Certification (Klose Training) 2021-Present

Neurac II, Lower Body Trained 2021-Present

Crossroads4Hope Guest Lecturer on Lymphedema and the Lymphatic System 2021-22

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Certification (Klose Training) 2022-Present


Kinh O'Brien

About Kinh O'Brien 

Kinh teaches fitness and rehabilitation with a mixture of modalities that include Pilates (machines and mat), yoga, fascial release and the Madeline Black Method.  Her students include general fitness clients, and post PT-orthopedic and oncology rehabilitation patients.

As a movement practitioner, Kinh's talent is her ability to see and understand your body’s patterns and sequence workout sessions that are specific to your goals.  


Before she started teaching 12 years ago, Kinh graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics and Political Science.  Not unlike so many of her clients, she spent years in front of her computer working for a strategy consulting firm and ultimately became an executive at a major retailer.  When Kinh finally decided to make a life change, she decided that she did not want to be a typical fitness teacher who taught exercises blindly.  She wanted to understand and see bodies better and actually sequence and teach relevant and tailored exercises to people's needs and goals.  To Kinh, the body is a complex but integrated and holistic system of energetically organized parts that work together in nonlinear patterns.  To recognize these patterns with her clients and reinforce those that best serve their personal goals is her purpose in the clinic with you.     

For over a decade she's studied (and continues to study) with some of the best movement scientists in the world (see below).   Kinh has taught at conferences, has been featured on teaching websites and has mentored and taught other Pilates teachers throughout her career.


Kinh and her family of boys relocated to Bend, Oregon in the summer of 2023.  She loves to trail run, hike and ski all the terrain that Central Oregon has to offer.


To find out more about Kinh and her services, please visit her website: 


Movement Education

  • Pilates: Pilates Integrated Teacher Training (ITT) in San Francisco on all apparatus and mat 2012

    • Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Member

  • Yoga: Yoga Tree San Francisco 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training 2014, SmartFlow Yoga training, Yoga therapeutics training

  • Madeline Black Method: world-renown movement science (Teachers Assistant)

  • Manual Therapy: Lauren Berry Method for Fascial release and correction 2016

  • Teachers and Gurus who I gratefully look to for continued guidance and study:

    • Madeline Black (Madeline Black Method and Pilates)

    • Jean Sullivan (Pilates)

    • Annie Carpenter (SmartFlow Yoga)

    • Irene Dowd (faculty at Julliard School of Dance)

    • Lynda Caesara (manual fascial therapy)

    • Harvey Deutch (Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapeutics)  

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